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Published on Apr 18, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

In a world full of colour, black and white especially stand out

There is a fascination about black-and-white images. Their extreme contrasts and variety of shades mean that black-and-white photographs attract attention and expressively depict the form and tonality of the object. It is difficult to replicate their elegance and strength of character through colour printing.

Black and white printing might sound easy – but it is not. Reproducing black-and-white photographs demands a wealth of experience. The extreme contrasts, high range of tonal values and very fine gradations of grey all place high demands upon printing techniques.

A rich black with more depth: LONGO DUOTON and TRITON

Thanks to these printing techniques and the use of special pigmentation, we can print black and white images of the highest quality: strong contrasts in all shades of grey, more depth and intensity, high three-dimensionality. But let the pictures speak for themselves – with the pictures of photographers Christopher Thomas and Oliver Klink.

index2New York sleeps – Christopher Thomas

New York never sleeps, they say. But there is a magical moment in the early morning when the city briefly draws breath. And it is this moment that photographer Christopher Thomas has captured. The extended reprint of his illustrated book was produced in our printing house in Bozen. Thanks to our special experience in black-and-white printing and the use of printing techniques developed by ourselves, the high-contrast images – created using a Linhof Technika on Polaroid 55 film – could be suitablypresented in a book.

_GKB8957Cultures in Transition – Oliver Klink Bhutan, China, India and Myanmar – no matter where in the world he travels, Oliver Klink encounters change and upheaval wherever he goes. Cultures are in a constant state of flux. Oliver Klink focuses his camera on the destinies of people, their families, their work, their religion – on Spirit, Heart & Soul.

The limited edition picture book with its 60 black-and-white images, created over a period of 15 years, was produced using Triton Offset printing in our printing house in Bozen. The impressive portraits and personal descriptions by the photographer all result in a unique contemporary document.

 Discover the multi-faceted world of black-and-white printing! Our brochure contains everything you need to know about LONGO DUOTON and TRITON printing!

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