Most innovative online printing company of the year: LONGO wins the IOP Award

Published on Nov 12, 2018 by Editorial staff Longo

Since 2005, the Print & Media Awards have been held every autumn, when outstanding printed products and the skills, organisation and print and media people behind the scenes are presented with awards in categories including the Drupa Award for Crossmedia Service Provider of the Year, Koenig & Bauer Award for Most Environmentally-Aware Company of the Year and the Paradowski Award for Packaging Printer of the Year.

This year, we were among the five finalists for the Print & Media Award in the “Most Innovative Online Printing Company of the Year” category – and we won!

 LONGO und mymuesli – our project for the IOP Award

 We launched our own web-to-print platform some time ago, and have extensive experience in on-demand production of personalised print products; tailor-made solutions which can connect different systems by means of complex interfacing have always played a fundamental role in our projects.

Fully-automated generation of print data has become increasingly important over the last few years. We have been working successfully in this sector since 2005 in collaboration with mymuesli from Passauer.

mymuesli’s online shop offers customers the possibility to mix their own muesli from a range of over 80 ingredients. In addition to their online store, mymuesli also have over 30 stores in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland areas. For these shops, a user-friendly option was required to design and print labels directly at the point of sale.


The beginning: Personalising and printing labels at Point of Sale

Everything looks incredibly simple for the end customer who, with an ipad, can choose from a variety of designs while in the store, enter a message and a name and be there in person while the fully-personalised container is printed.

In order to achieve this we developed a user-friendly web interface, including preview option, which simultaneously generates print data and prepares it for printing on the Heidelberg Omnifire machine. An XML-based job ticket to control the machine is also generated dynamically and sent to the Heidelberg store together with printing data. To ensure that the customer doesn’t have to wait for too long, the process has been optimised to the stage that it takes no longer than a few seconds.

Further development: The label tells you how the muesli is mixed

Our team in Augsburg then developed a software solution to retrieve data from a mymuesli API and use this information to generate the labels for custom blends. This means that the information on the label includes not only customer-defined information on cereal types or greetings text, but also, of particular importance, features dynamically-positioned details on content, such as nutritional value table, ingredient icons, allergens and other information.

A Data Matrix code is also generated In order to monitor the mix machine and, likewise, the legal conformity of labels regarding, for instance, font sizes.

To ensure that any and all errors can be detected, the generation procedure is connected to other mymuesli systems, and as such, can send continuous status message reports. Faulty labels are automatically regenerated or activate messages to call for employee assistance.

To avoid bottlenecks in label generation, the system can generate labels with all the necessary information in just a few seconds and transfer them to the mymuesli production systems.

Online printing is much more than just “Upload & Print”

We believe that online printing is so much more than just “upload and print,” and is not only connected with low-priced collectible products. Online printing and mass customisation of products are a central feature of modern production concepts and manufacturing logic.druck_medien_gewinner_2018_vorschau_Andreas_Schwarz-1321-150x150

These concepts, alongside our daily operations with B2B and B2C platforms, are an excellent opportunity for us to apply our creativity and expertise in other sectors and innovative projects. For us, working together with mymuesli is precisely this kind of innovative project, and we are delighted to have won the IOP Award for Most Innovative Printing Company of the Year!

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