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Published on Sep 23, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

Printspiration 2019: Wonderful new world of work

Printspiration-2-1A new generation of workers – what can we offer them?

In the latest issue of LONGO AG-Spa’s personal customer magazine “Printspiration,” we will be telling you a little more about ourselves and, above all, about our credo - “A company is only as good as its workers” – and what it means to us.

What can we at Longo offer a generation that is said to prefer sabbaticals to company cars, meaningfulness to promotion – and bosses who coach rather than control?

You’ll find our answer in the latest Printspiration – and in this video:



High-End-Print from LONGO – new technology for our magazine

Here’s what we’ll be talking about in the latest issue of our customer magazine:

  • Millennials and the big shift
    Interview with Andreas Rogger, Group Director Leadership, Talent, Resourcing and OD at GKN Holdings
  • The search for staff and multi-specialists in the 2.0 workplace
    Interview with Günther Longo
  • Online-search patterns
    Why Google is no longer the measure of all things
  • Start-up? Slow down!
    Gottfried Hochgruber
  • Far from dead
    The new print
  • The printing press(ures) of the web
    How a printing company can claim its place in the era of the internet
  • Finstral — Outlook, prospect, overview
    Digitalisation in the world of windows - Interview with Joachim & Florian Oberrauch

We will be delighted to send you a copy hot off the press: Just email us at!

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