Innovation in the print sector – and the role of haptics

Published on Mar 20, 2018 by Editorial staff Longo

Print is still alive thanks to the desire for surface feel

 “Print is dead!” – such was the cry of the online marketers as they marched towards the digital world, celebrating the triumph over printed material of social media, blogs, hashtags and all the rest. But, just as quickly as the rumours of this death ran wild, so the marketing experts are now once again quiet. Printed paper lives on. More than ever, perhaps? In any case it is alive, with a greater sense of quality.

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Will humans soon be replaced by machines? The value of creativity

Published on Feb 22, 2018 by Armiento Silvia

The value of intellectual work

or Just how creative are machines?

In two decades, some 60% of our current jobs will be done by machines. Artificial intelligence can today evaluate information faster and, in the near future, will in many cases probably be able to make better decisions than humans. We hear such statements daily in the specialist press and on TV; they can be found everywhere on the internet. Whole books are dedicated to the question of the extent to which human work can be replaced digitally. Machines will in future be not only better at carrying loads, welding automobile chassis, sorting fruit or soldering circuitry – according to numerous experts, machines will also be able to compose music, write novels, drive cars and take on the full range of secretarial work.

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Mass Customization: unique products for the masses

Published on Feb 08, 2018 by Armiento Silvia

To stand out from the crowd, underlining one’s personal individuality, seems to be gaining in significance in our today’s society. This is likely the reason why personalised products are at present a major trend: People are no longer content with off-the-peg products, but know how to satisfy their own personal preferences, irrespective of whether this expression of personality costs a few euros more or the time and effort needed to find and acquire a product considerably outweigh its value, as the value of a commodity is not just a matter of the material.

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In the right light – smart people, smart lamps, smart tools

Published on Jan 18, 2018 by Editorial staff Longo

Luke Roberts has produced the world’s first smart designer lamp, the Smart Lamp. Lukas and Robert – two equally smart guys – are behind this successful startup, which aims to give the right lighting effect in the home at all times – with just one lamp.

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Oscar della Stampa 2017: LONGO was awarded

Published on Dec 15, 2017 by Armiento Silvia

Oscar della Stampa – the “printing Oscars” 2017: LONGO won the award for printer and media company of the year.
Longo is one of the best printers and media company representing Print made in Italy worldwide.

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Panini Stickers – a timeless classic for collectors and the print sector!

Published on Nov 09, 2017 by Armiento Silvia

How to resist the logic of the market by combining digitalisation with passion

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„Lightcatcher“ Kurt Moser and the art of the ambrotype

Published on Sep 29, 2017 by Editorial staff Longo

The “Lightcatcher” on the difference between a photograph and a work of art

The stones that were formed into walls in the year 1268 separate the sunny outdoors from a studio that is as nobly furnished as one would expect inside a castle, with Persian carpets, antique chests and ancient souvenirs. An archaic backdrop for an archaic art form: the ambrotype.

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An interview with Lukas Furtenbach of Furtenbach Adventures!

Published on Sep 14, 2017 by Editorial staff Longo

He makes genuine outdoor adventures possible. He takes people to their limits and realises their dreams. He offers extreme emotions, freedom and adrenalin. Whether virtual or real: Lukas Furtenbach of Furtenbach Adventures offers both. And, in his view, “they can be combined to wonderful effect”. Wouldn’t virtual adventure make the real thing superfluous? And how much are we as humans still needed to make exciting emotions virtually accessible, given the existence of technologies that are ever more “intelligent” and “autonomous”? We met expedition mountaineer and film producer Lukas Furtenbach to ask him his views.

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Spectra7 – brighter colours

Published on Aug 31, 2017 by Editorial staff Longo


When 4+3 is so much more than 7!

The demands in the print sector are becoming ever more complex, the designs evermore elaborate, and the colour palette ever richer. The possibilities of CYMK, the classic four-colour process, are not always up to the task. That is why here at LONGO we wanted to develop a technology which can meet the most modern of requirements, which offers unlimited creative potential and vivid colours.

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Printspiration 2017: The future is human

Published on Jul 06, 2017 by Editorial staff Longo

Invented by people, made by machines – the increasing use of technology applies to ever more industries. With the trend to still further digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence, the fear is that there will soon be no more work for people, whether in manufacturing, logistics, services or other functional areas of the economy.

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