LONGO 1000 - When previous experience is no longer enough: planning print runs in times of change

Published on Dec 04, 2018 by Editorial staff Longo

Planning print runs has become very difficult – this notion recurs in all our discussions with publishers in recent months. The book publishing industry is in upheaval, the behaviour of readers and buyers is changing, while bookstores are very careful in their purchasing. Even top-quality press work can no longer guarantee a good level of book sales. How should a print run be planned?

We have no influence over the changes in the book industry – but we can adjust to them and provide a flexible solution: LONGO 1000 – low-cost reprints within a week. How can we offer such small print runs in a way that is faster, more flexible and costs less than the competition?

Thinking in terms of solutions, rather than print runs

By thinking in terms of solutions, rather than products. The core of the LONGO 1000 print run system is our E-business portal, a highly versatile web-based platform that we have developed. This allows us for example to create print products online, quickly and conveniently. By using the portal, LONGO 1000 eliminates the order production phase – thus saving time. Formats can nevertheless be flexibly selected, while our prepress also permits image optimisation and authorial correction. Print quality is equivalent to the previous larger print run – and we can deliver within a week.

Sold out within a week – what about the reprint?

LONGO 1000 came to the aid of the publishing house Komplett Media at the end of 2017. Publisher Verena Schörner recalls: “Reprints within a week – LONGO’s offer was the silver lining to a dark cloud for us. Late last year, our book “Mögest du glücklich sein [May you be happy]” by Laura Malina Seiler became an unexpected bestseller. All 5,000 copies of the first edition were sold out within a week. The desired reprint of 10,000 copies would have been some four weeks in coming. An absolute disaster for any publisher!MK-Glücklich sein-Seiler

LONGO 1000 enabled us to ensure availability and to constantly serve our customers. As promised, the reprints were in stock within a week. And, despite the speed, quality was excellent. Especially in times of low order numbers, it is often extremely difficult for publishers to estimate a realistic quantity for first editions. When a book unexpectedly sells out this model is a great help in bridging the gap and ensuring availability.”

Reprints with LONGO 1000 – on demand – flexible – fast

Small, inexpensive, fast and high quality print runs are the right way to adjust to new requirements. Harald Longo presents this solution personally.

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