Our customer magazine Printspiration - 2019 issue

Published on Sep 23, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

Printspiration 2019: Wonderful new world of work

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An online magazine simply can’t replace it: The company magazine

Published on Aug 07, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

The company magazine – Appreciation that is appreciated

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That's why print is so much more than printing: Innovations at LONGO

Published on Jul 16, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

Why Print is so much more than just printing
Innovations at LONGO: UV-Offset printing and SPECTRA7

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Apple Paper - our experiences at Print & Packaging

Published on Jul 01, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

Apple paper: How to make complex corporate values easily visible.

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What does a Technical Manager Print & Service do at LONGO?

Published on May 23, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

From a printing shop to a full-service printing agency

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Black and white: Duoton & Triton

Published on Apr 18, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

In a world full of colour, black and white especially stand out

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Oliver Klink captures cultures in transition.

Published on Apr 04, 2019 by Editorial staff Longo

A world of change – unique documents of time in black and white

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LONGO 1000 - When previous experience is no longer enough: planning print runs in times of change

Published on Dec 04, 2018 by Editorial staff Longo

Planning print runs has become very difficult – this notion recurs in all our discussions with publishers in recent months. The book publishing industry is in upheaval, the behaviour of readers and buyers is changing, while bookstores are very careful in their purchasing. Even top-quality press work can no longer guarantee a good level of book sales. How should a print run be planned?

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Oscar della Stampa 2017: LONGO was awarded

Published on Dec 15, 2017 by Armiento Silvia

Oscar della Stampa – the “printing Oscars” 2017: LONGO won the award for printer and media company of the year.
Longo is one of the best printers and media company representing Print made in Italy worldwide.

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Printspiration 2017: The future is human

Published on Jul 06, 2017 by Editorial staff Longo

Invented by people, made by machines – the increasing use of technology applies to ever more industries. With the trend to still further digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence, the fear is that there will soon be no more work for people, whether in manufacturing, logistics, services or other functional areas of the economy.

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